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Glenice our "Pocket Rocket"

Glenice ”Pocket Rocket” Shaw loves to start her day riding with friends around Brisbane. She loves exploring new routes, and is always up for the next challenge – even if it involves a hill!

Glenice, who currently holds the title of Queensland Grand Master Track Cyclist of the Year, took up cycling at the end of 2013 after encountering some health issues that were both painful and debilitating. Glenice now rides 4+ times a week, and truly believes that the exercise and enjoyment that cycling provides gives her more energy, a more positive attitude and has improved her quality of life greatly.

Glenice has many talents, and in real life she has a loyal companion called Snowflake and she casts and paints exquisitely detailed porcelain dolls, which she sells through her shop Porcelain Doll Perfection in Virginia. The shop is also a venue for doll making classes and other hands-on projects, including card making. “I love my life – I have a business I love and I have great friends in both the dolly and cycling world”, says Glenice with an infectious grin.

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