Meet Elaine - Cycle Away's resident Exercise Physiologist


Elaine is CycleAway’s resident Exercise Physiologist and can work with you to help you to get fit for your ride, or assist you to reach your health goals – like reducing disease risk or recovering from injury.

Exercise Physiologists are 4 year university trained health professionals and can guide people with chronic and degenerative conditions (e.g. arthritis, respiratory disease, back pain, heart disease, diabetes and cancer) to exercise safely and effectively and improve their health outcomes.

Exercise is like a magic wand and research has shown that it can help improve recovery from and even prevent diabetes, heart disease and cancer – but the sad news is that most Australians do not do the recommended 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise each week. We are becoming a nation of overweight and ailing citizens!

The good news is that research also shows that people who cycle regularly get fitter and healthier, develop stronger bones and muscles, and have less body fat!

Cycling is generally a safe way for most people to exercise – and you get to go places to would never see in a car or on foot.

Contact Elaine to get assistance with:

  • Getting in shape for your next holiday

  • Preparing for an event

  • Rehabilitation exercise for musculoskeletal injuries

  • Safe exercise for people living with diabetes, heart conditions, cancer osteoporosis

  • Healthy home exercise program

So what are you waiting for – make your body sing!

Elaine Killen Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Mobile: 0417 160 635