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    On Jane's daily cycle commute she discovered a new piece of green bike lane.  It's not very long but it's in a location where there is a lot of bicycle and car interaction.  To proceed straight ahead, bicycle riders have to manoeuvre across a lane of moving traffic which has the option to turn left across the rider.  While there is no physical separation on this green bike lane, it does provide a visual cue for car drivers to expect bicycle riders to move across them if they are turning left.  The new green bike lane is on Stanley Street,  just...

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Infrastructure:Cycling infrastructure can be many things  -  a section of bikeway, showers in a workplace, dedicated cycle lanes/routes, signage on a bike path, bike racks at a cafe, bicycle bridges, bicycle lockers at a train station, bicycle safety zones at traffic lights, etc.   Sometimes it can even be a simple thing like a temporary safe detour around work on a designated cycle route.   These types of infrastructure will, generally, help to make cycling safer and more accessible.  Infrastructure doesn’t have to be “big picture” projects to be successful.  A sign of successful infrastructure is usually how many bicycle riders...

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