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Hello to all our Ipswich residents.  Cycle Away will be delivering a 6 week program as part of the Ipswich City Council program called Women on Wheels.  Elaine and Emma will be running the cycling program.  6 weeks of 2 hourly session with a small group of female riders.  Registration is $5 and the first session 6 May 2017, 8am to 10am starting at Limestone Park.  For more information contact Jan on info@cycleaway.com.au or 0427 431 481  

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WOW these folks look like they are enjoying themselves and you can do.  We have another Women on Wheels program starting Saturday 6 August.  This is an Ipswich City Council initiative to help females to get back on the bike.  You will be joining a small group of like minded beginner riders on the 6 week program.  Our Trainers will show you how to look after your bike, yourself on the bike as well added to your existing cycling skills to help you become more confident as a ride.  Total cost is $5.  Please contact Jan by email info@cycleaway.com.au or 0427431481 to book for the program.      

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  Ipswich City Council is sponsoring another Women on Wheels - cycling program.  Our Cycle Away Trainers are ready to help some more Ipswich folks learn new skills and discover the Ipswich area by bicycle.  Only $5 for the 6 week program.  Please email Cycle Away on info@cycleaway.com.au for more details.  

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