Learn to Ride

Would you like to learn to ride a bicycle? We can assist you.

Do you have friends and family unable to ride? Our trainers will soon have them up and cycling.

Does a cycling holiday appeal to you but not your other half or regular cycling companion? We can give you the confidence and skills to quell those fears and embark on that dream trip!

Do you want to brush up on those cycling skills you mastered as a child but have long forgotten?  We can help you rekindle that childhood joy of cycling.

Do you have school age children about to go on camp? Will cycling will be one of the activities and you want them to join in?  With assistance from our trainers, your children will soon be enjoying cycling.


Our trainers are very experienced bicycle riders who have been around - in the nicest possible way! They have completed rides in the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, most states of Australia, multi-day mass participation rides, one day community rides and we all ride every chance we get. They have passed on their experience to new riders and helped existing riders build cycling confidence.

We will teach you the necessary skills to ride with confidence, but there will also be fun and laughter in the mix.

Our preferred training areas are Kalinga Park and Minnippi Parklands, as we have access to good parking and quiet areas which enables new riders to practice without undue worry. Alternatively, we can train at a location, time and date suitable to your needs.

Some reasons people come to learn:

 Learn for Me
Learn for Others
I would like to be able to ride with my son and his wife around Central Park in New York.
I would like my son to enjoy the cycling part of the camp he is going on next month.
I would like to ride with my grandchildren.
My sister can’t ride and we are planning a ride in France next year.
I have always wanted to learn and now the family have given me a bike I need to act on the want.
We have not been able to teach our child to ride and would like some help.
My children are off my hands and now it is time for me to learn new skills.
I didn’t learn to ride as a child and can’t teach my children to ride - can you help?
My partner is trying to teach me but we end up in an argument. Can you help?
My husband is a keen bike rider and I want to surprise him.