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Ride with Friends -

Want to meet new riding partners? 

Need a regular commitment to riding?

New places to ride?

Explanations for the doohickeys and watchamacallits on your bicycle?

The opportunity to join interstate and overseas bicycle tours?

We all want to ride but the thought of cycling by ourselves is not much fun. Our Ride with Friends Card will provide you with someone to talk to during the ride and a companion for the inevitable coffee stop during or after the ride. The routes are planned around scenic bike paths and quiet back streets and food and coffee stops. Each ride has several route variations.  

Come Ride with Friends - fun, friendship and the benefits of regular cycling await you!

Ride with Friends

How does it work?

  1. Choose your ride
  2. Reserve your spot through Team App, Facebook, text or email
  3. Ride with Friends

On the website we have general information about the rides. The Ride with Friends Team APP provides more detailed information, including start and finish times and locations, rider ability, terrain and ride leader. 

You can book individual rides at $27.50 each or for better value why not purchase a Ride with Friends card. The Ride with Friends card costs $165.00.

The Ride with Friends card includes:



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