Basic Bike Maintenance Workshop

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Do you know how to change a flat tyre or fix a punctured tube? Would you like to expand your knowledge of what to do should this happen to you? 

You’ll need your bicycle, tyre levers, pump, spare tube and a sense of humour!  A mechanic will demonstrate how to remove and replace your wheel. Then it’s time for you to “get a little dirt on your hands” when you do the practical side yourself. At the end of the lesson you should be confident with the basic operation of removing your wheel, locating the puncture and replacing the tube.  We aim to have you remove both front and back wheels.

So round up your friends and come for a fun session where you will be assisted by experienced cyclists in a supportive group environment. We’ll have a laugh as we de-mystify the intricacies of changing flat tyres.

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Bike Maintenance with Bike Bestie

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Time - 2 hours to be advised 

Address - to be advised 


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Cost: $15.00 

Capped at: We need a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 participants to run the course.