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I took a leap of faith nine years ago and started a cycle training and touring company called Cycle Away. My first love is bicycle touring and imparting the skills and knowledge to enable others to enjoy this wonderful form of travel drives my working ethos. I love to see the “aha” moment when a necessary skill is mastered. Cyclists who have started with no or limited skills have gone on to bicycle tours of New Zealand, Australia and Europe or are enjoying commuting to work or cycling with family and friends. Job done!

Jane - banking, building and bicycling.  Graduating from finance, to renovations, to a day job working for a cycling organisation.  Jane has found the ideal job to combine her work and play.  Loads of experience on organised bicycle tours, as well as solo touring within Australia.  Loves nothing better than a good map and a complicated route.


We are ably assisted by our support crew of Emma Best, Elaine Killen, Jamie Randall, Sue and Troy Clarke and Peter & Sheryl Houghton.

Emma - multi-talented bike mechanic, bicycle frame builder, MTB rider, runs her own business "Bike Bestie" and can change a flat tyre in a flash!  Organiser of cyclocross events and a champion of encouraging more women to cycle.

Elaine has been teaching with Cycle Away since 2012 – and has helped well over 100 people hone their cycling and road safety skills in private lessons and group classes all over Brisbane. An Accredited Exercise Physiologist, as well as a registered teacher, Elaine has a special interest in helping people better their health and quality of life through exercise. She has assisted people with heart disease, cancer, diabetes and musculoskeletal conditions to find a safe way to exercise. Cycling is perfect for people with sore joints, or who are overweight. It’s also great for those who just like to be on the move and going places. Elaine loves to incorporate some cycling into her holidays, but when at home can often be seen commuting around town, panniers laden with (op!) shopping.


Jamie - undertook an 8,500kms three and a half month solo bicycle and camping tour of Europe and the UK. He is a font of knowledge on all things cycling and happy to pass that knowledge on.  A chef by trade and a cyclist by choice, commutes to work by bike as much as he can.

Sue and Troy - cycle toured with 3 children over a period of 10 years. (They are still smiling after all this so are very resilient!). Have completed a number of multi-day organised rides and recently completed John O’Groats to Lands End and a section of the Loire Cycle Route. Our "specialist" team for any questions about touring with children in baby trailers, on tandems or own bikes. Happy to impart their hard won knowledge.

We started cycling many years back with our children and have enjoyed it more and more as time goes by. We have also seen our love of cycling progress to the next generation of our family. After going on our first multi-day cycling tour, we really enjoyed the camaraderie we experienced with other like-minded people and have since completed numerous multi-day rides in Qld, Tasmania & WA. Twice we have travelled to Europe on our own for cycling tours of 8 and 6 weeks respectively and are very keen to get back for more trips. Our passion for, and enjoyment of, cycling has helped us to introduce numerous friends and their families to cycling and this new role as trainers is a natural progression to enable us to help others enjoy their cycling as much as we do.