Privacy Policy

Cycle Away Privacy Policy Updated: 1st January 2012

Cycle Away will provide its ride participants with privacy and confidentiality of personal information, subject to the Privacy Act. Cycle Away will gather only enough information to satisfy the needs of our ride participants for identification purposes in relation to their participation in a Cycle Away ride.

Cycle Away will not sell or license any information collected, and stored on our database, to any third party.

Cycle Away collects information by a number of avenues: telephone, in person at a ride, by mail or fax in written application forms.

Information collected includes - name and address, date of birth, gender, e-mail address, telephone numbers, meal type preference (if applicable) and emergency contact details/person.

Use of information

The personal information collected will be used in order to:

  1. provide the level of service ride participants require
  2. administer payment of ride fees.
  3. e-mail to previous participants, at the e-mail address on file, a monthly e-newsletter with information on previous and upcoming rides.

Information storage

Information is stored in compliance with current legislation in both original and electronic form. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure the information is kept secure and access is restricted to the person it relates to and those who require access (Cycle Away staff) to perform the function required by the ride participant only. Information will be removed if requested by a rider as long as its removal does not breach any legal requirements or essential operational needs of Cycle Away.

Contact at Cycle Away

If you have any questions in relation to privacy, please contact us on 0427 431 481.

Alternatively you can e-mail us on or write to us at PO Box 7020, Holland Park East. Qld. 4121.