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Touring Check List

Touring Check List

Suggested items to take when Bicycle Touring 

This is what works for us but you can modify this list to suit your own style of touring. 

You can comfortably tour for three days or three months with this equipment. You may think these items will never fit into your panniers but with a bit of careful packing it all goes in and you end up with a neat package. Take a photo because it will never the be the same again for the duration of your tour!  It will take you three or four days to remember which pannier holds what items.


Clothes in your panniers should be rolled rather than folded. They fit into zip lock bags better and come out not so wrinkled. Always take non-iron "off the bike" clothes and make sure everything can go together with other items of clothing. Not the time to be taking your favourite outfit that cannot mix and match.  Everything should be dual purpose.  


We wash every three days (our suggested list will give you a clue why!) Keep a look out for hostels or laundromats.  Just about every hostel has a washing machine and dryer. Laundromats can be sourced from the local tourist information centre or just ask a local. Lots of hotels and B&B's will also allow you to wash - this generally attracts a fee which is most times less than the laundromat.  You can write your postcards, update your diary and send your e-mails while waiting for your washing.

We carry cereal, pasta, cheese (if we are in a colder climate and the cheese will be used at the evening meal), lollies for energy, coffee, tea bags, salt, sugar and pepper picked up along the way.  Each night we buy what we need for dinner at the local supermarket. Lots of pasta, stir fry and meals that are tasty but with no leftovers.  Add cheese to the meal and you have a repast fit for a King. We have learnt to cook with water rather than butter as butter is awfully hard to carry in the panniers. You will see we carry utensils, but only very basic ones, for emergency use.  


Suggested List of items for your tour

Bike: Helmet, gloves, sun glasses, cycling shoes, water bottles, small bungy cords, large bungy cords, bike computer, bike pump, bike lock, front and back lights, bar bag, panniers.

In your Panniers: Map, tool kit (see suggested kit), waterproof bags to put clothes in, first aid kit, notebook and pen, sunscreen and lip balm, camera, torch, toilet paper, book, small amount of washing powder, clothes line, pegs, spare batteries for cameras and lights, needle and thread, pocket knife, small set of cutlery.

Suggested Tool Kit: Spare tube, patch kit, tyre levers, clean rag, multi-tool or allen key set, cable ties, chain lubricant. Spare spokes, spare brake cable and spare tyre if you feel you will not be able to reach a Bike Shop for several days and have the knowledge to use these items.

Cycling Clothing: 3 x cycling knicks, 3 x jerseys (or quick-dry casual shirts), 3 x sports bras (ladies only), 3 x socks, off-the-bike shoes, rain jacket, rain pants, 2 x casual shirts, 2 x pants (3/4 and full length light weight pants), 4 underwear, 1 x bra for the day you're washing all your other bras (ladies only), pj's or shorts and shirt to sleep in, fleece jacket, beanie, sun hat.

Toiletries: Brush, small soaps, small shampoo and conditioner, face washer (good for removing caked on sunscreen), chamois towel, toothbrush, small toothpaste, deodorant, perfume, small amount of make-up.

Miscellaneous: Passport, foreign currency, Australian money for "show and tell", drivers licence or some form of identification, electronic devices if you absolutely have to keep in touch on your holiday.

Note: If you're camping you will need to add the camping equipment including cooking and sleeping gear.